ONE-TP has now been marketing the ROTO-ONE for almost 12 years.

The ROTO-ONE allows you to orient but also tilt all your equipment. It covers 90 to 93% of the positions of a Tiltrotator.

We adapt all the quick couplers on the market.

Direct mounting or double-attachment.

The ROTO-ONE has for 6 years included the rotator of the German manufacturer HKS, World No. 1 in the design of rotary actuators/hydraulic tilt motors and German No. 1 for rotation crowns. We no longer use the rototop rotator (purple color). Reliability, performance and maintenance are thus optimized.

The advantages compared to the old Rototop crown (purple color) and compared to competing tiltrotators are numerous:

Lire plus ...

No lubrication: ring gear and rotary actuator encapsulated in a one-piece hermetic casing.
Oversized hydraulic motors offering the best torques, The very robust crown is the thickest on the market,

-Hermetic one-piece housing, no more leakage or loss of grease possible,

XL swivel joint or without depending on your equipment.

Flow and pressure limiters: requires no adjustment of the shovel.

Easy to assemble: just provide one or more pairs of short hoses between the ROTO-ONE and the line(s) of the excavator.

Evolution always possible with tilt motor (according to the degree of angle desired) and new upper plate.

HKS masters the production of all components of rotary actuators, hydraulic motors, rotators for all areas (Offshore, marine, industrial, public works, mining, automotive, etc.).

Consult us for study, technical characteristics and price offer.

We adapt any attachment including one of your supply.

See attached doc.

Type ROTO ONE in the search engine to see other models and some assemblies.

available for the following excavators:

Case WX 90, WX 95, New Holland MH 3.6, Hyundai R 110W-7,
Hyundai R95-8, JCB JS 110, Fiat Hitachi FH 120, Case 588, JCB 3CX, Case 580 SR,
SM, SLE, case 695, Terex 860, 880, ISP 80, Hydromek 102, Komatsu PC 75, PC 80,
PW 110, New Holland MH2.6, Mecalac 12 MXT, Mecalac 10 MXT, Mecalac
88 RCM, ….

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Compatible with :
  • Front loader
  • Mini-excavator
  • Telescopic
  • Backhoe loader

Technical characteristics

Model Height Carrier machine Width Weight
06RB60JHK-EN11RB120HK-EN 151m206m 2 to 3.5 T.5 to 6.5 T. 260m 110kg121kg

*excluding sup. / excluding quick coupler - Weights indicated without and with swivel joint The rotary joint can supply equipment up to 160 1/min and 400 bar depending on the model.

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